Residential Monitoring

The DMCC Residential Case Manager conducts quarterly face to face meetings with the child in residential care and makes frequent contact with parents and the residential facility regarding the care of each client. During the quarterly meetings, the DMCC Residential Case Manager works with the child to ensure progress towards goals on the IEP are being made. The DMCC Residential Case Manager also meets with the teacher(s) and counselor(s) from the residential facility to monitor progress.

DMCC writes a quarterly Interdisciplinary note of the face to face meeting with the child indicating progress towards meeting goals and planning for reunification.

DMCC participates in bi-annual IEPs for children in residential placement to ensure the child is on track with meeting their educational goals and working towards graduation from residential placement.

When a child is ready to be discharged from residential placement, a request is made to the school district to schedule an IEP meeting to return the child to a district classroom. A copy of the discharge summary will be given to the School District’s appointed person.